Community Seeds


Only a few generations ago in the U.S.
small-scale farming and kitchen gardening included the saving and sharing of seed. While this practice is experiencing a revival in many places, it is a tradition that has continued for generations in southern Appalachia. The stories that travel with the seeds as they are shared with friends and future generations form a glimpse into the cultural history of the region.

Saving and sharing heirloom seed is an important practice that contributes to a diverse and resilient food system while perpetuating supply chains that are independent, local, and decentralized.

For this project I fabricated a series of metal “seed pods” that can be used to mark rows of crops being grown from heirloom seed in a small local farm.

Visitors to the farm will be able to find and identify the heirloom crops as identified by the installation of “pods” and then go to a central kiosk and hear the recorded oral histories that have been collected about the origins and regional lineage of the seed.
concept, creative direction, fabrication, sound design and production:
Lisa Blackburn
technical design and production:
Mark Boyd
This project was scheduled for installation in 2020 and is currently on hold.

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